Monday, August 1, 2016


 When Anukokunda released and then became viral and then every other telugu friend of mine was going through the "Ayyo, Anukokunda choodaleda inka?", I used to give them Prof.McGonagall equivalent stares and ask them to calm down because I had watched the movie and wasn't terribly swept away by it other than loving the background song that was playing through the short film and which I eventually set as my ringtone back then. Catchy as hell.

 A couple of years and Sainma came out. I was pestered and badgered into watching the movie by A who was singing eloquent praises about the short film and how wonderfully it was shot. When I finally saw Sainma, I was simply bowled over. By the sheer genius, by the immense dedication and the intelligent handling of every shot that makes the movie seem so effortless and such a joy to watch. Having no so experience whatsoever in direction or the study that goes into making a film, I still knew it took so much effort and patience to make something so good.

 When I saw Pellichoopulu, I wanted to do the exact same thing as above. I wanted to grab the next person beside me and make them watch the movie, because it was that bloody good. What groundbreaking idea did the director try to showcase?- No biggie, he just made a breather of a rom-com which will leave you grinning as you see snippets of your life, friends and general chilling around in Hyderabad come to life on the big screen. And with the added horror of not including a sleazy, puke inducing, gyrating item song. Who even does that these days and still hopes to be successful?- Tharun Bhascker. Good guy you. One of the best things about this movie is it's honesty- the honest to death conversations between the leads and the adorable friends-of-the hero( please be my friend Priyadarshi? ) ; the honesty of the humor that will have you wiping off tears and not having to worry being the only person laughing so loud in a cineplex because everyone else around you are laughing equally loudly; the honesty in the pace and execution of the story and finally, the honesty in that wonderful music. I admire creativity immensely. Being able to visualize and conceptualize a story and bring it to life, and to be able to pull out notes and music from inside of you and being able to see through a vision to glorious reality is admirable and enviable. And the team of this movie has just done that brilliantly well.

Did I already mention how good the music for this movie is? I think I will use "Sakhiye" as my own personal anthem , like background music for myself .  And will go through the tiring process of setting it as my ringtone, because, hello iphone! I always liked "Anand's brother" more in my favorite movie Anand and the extremely good looking, aged like excellent wine Anish Kuruvilla did a great job in this movie too and I can't wait for him to take up more of these interesting roles. Usually, all movie reviews end up with a rating but the idea of setting a digit to tell you how good this movie is quite laughable, so just grab that popcorn and enjoy!


sirish aditya said...

konte saigallo na enni oosulo, tiyya tiyyani kanullo enni aasalo;
chentake cheraali enni oohalo, manasune vippaali enni maatalo..

intha baagundi review.. ippude parigettu kuntu poi cinema choodalani undi. but the film's running housefull in bangalore. that's awesome news, ain't it?

but i guess i can go watch sainma again- "style anna, style"

Sai Kishore Bandaru said...

very good review ...i did not knew that you have a blog.